Project Categories

The projects listed to the left can be neatly filed into four categories below. For a detailed description of each project category, please scroll down.


Category Descriptions


Humans are active and social beings. Little Bluestem strives to design communities that encourage active mobility, physical literacy, and spaces for enjoyment, gathering and sport. We believe these are essential elements to healthy communities.


Little Bluestem has worked with Trails Manitoba on the Great Trail, formerly the Trans Canada Trail throughout Manitoba. The Great Trail is one of the world’s pre-eminent long-distance trails; a travel destination for Canadians and international visitors and a unique way to explore Canada’s magnificent landscapes, rich history and diverse culture.

We have designed a network system with a variety of activities including: walking/hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and paddling. This multi-use recreational trail was designed with a multitude of experiences, including wilderness pathways, rail to trail conversions, country roads and paved walkways. Our trail work includes planning opportunities to connect with varied landscapes, existing amenities and communities, while creating spaces for beautiful vistas and unique community connection points. Overall, Little Bluestem has helped produce a trail system of  linked networks with wayfinding opportunities, gateway features and interpretive content.


Amenities and infrastructure along the trail are critical to get users past physical obstacles, whether they be roadways or waterbodies. The addition of these are critical for the functioning of multi-use pedestrian systems. 

Master Planning + Mapping

Little Bluestem is well suited to help communities extract vision and objectives as well as gather information to guide growth and development. Using principles of Public Engagement based on IAP2 Training and membership, we can execute and facilitate community engagement opportunities and open houses.  

We have the ability to analyze existing facilities, categorize and classify conditions and recommend changes and objectives for future growth.

We can access and produce GIS information and use GPS to capture existing amenities or scout new locations for trails. 

We also create graphic renderings for recreational facilities, trails and communities to help visualize the long term vision as well as provide funding sources for each client to ensure long term strategies are executable.



Schools are an important environment for children to acquire physical literacy skills, learn, interact with the environment and play. We love working with schools, daycares, childcare centres, parent councils, and administration/teachers to create magical and engaging environments, playfields and nature play biomes.



Little Bluestem loves to work with organizations and individuals to build thriving and sustainable communities. From small sites to larger neighbourhoods, we would be happy to work with you for positive community change and enhancements. Let us guide your next commercial property, public amenity, or complex neighbourhood design project.



Little Bluestem loves to be involved in placemaking projects. From studies, competitions, thought to execution of temporal or permanent installations, we love to make places for people (and dogs) adding comfort, interest and accessibility.