Darcy Granove, MALA, CSLA
Principal Landscape Architect


Darcy is the founder and principal of Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture & Design and has over ten years of experience in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design and Physical Enhancement. She has a wealth of experience leading Landscape Architectural projects of all types and scales including Streetscapes, Urban Design, Green Roof Design, Park Design and Recreational Planning. She is an experienced site planner from residential to regional planning; actively leading projects from conception and detail design through construction, contract administration and project management.

Darcy’s skills and experience have been earned through more than a decade of work in the industry, including positions at Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. as a Landscape Architect, McGowan Russell Group as a Landscape Designer/Jr. Landscape Architect and at the Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone as a Physical Enhancement Coordinator all in Winnipeg Manitoba. Darcy is a very passionate individual who is committed to making better places and engaging people in the process.

Darcy is a registered Landscape Architect in Manitoba and a member of the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). She holds a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design and a bachelor’s degree in Arts all from the University of Manitoba.

Eric Wong
Landscape Designer

Eric is a summer intern with Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture & Design. He is working on his Master of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Toronto. 

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Jori Pincock, MLA
Landscape Architectural Intern

Jori is an intern with Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture & Design.  She holds both a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and a Master of Landscape Architecture degree. She is currently working toward her professional designation as a registered associate with MALA.

Jori is passionate about using landscape design to facilitate community revitalization.  In 2010, as the recipient of a travel scholarship, Jori had the opportunity to travel to India to attend the i-Rec International Conference of Reconstruction After Disaster and participate in workshops focused on facilitation, innovation, and respecting local culture to assist communities in need.

Jori’s experience in project coordination and management at Richardson International has grown her capacity develop large scale master plans and engage in the detailed design and coordination necessary to bring a vision to fruition.  This experience has also ignited her desire to work collaboratively with other professions and trades to develop more innovative and effective designs.

Tayler Bishop, MLA
Landscape Architectural Intern

Prior to joining Little Bluestem as a landscape architectural intern, Tayler completed her Master of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Toronto after graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba. Throughout her education Tayler completed conceptual design projects on sites ranging from rural farmland in Manitoba to the heart of downtown Toronto.

Tayler’s experience as a landscape designer at St. Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, included the design and construction coordination of landscape projects for both residential clients and community developers. In her residential design experience, Tayler worked closely with clients to develop personalized landscape plans for their homes. Tayler’s involvement with community and commercial developers included a variety of projects, such as boulevard tree planting and sodding, community parks, showhomes, plazas and condo developments.

Tayler is currently working towards her professional designation and is completing the Landscape Architect Registration Examinations.

Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture & Design will assemble and manage an efficient, creative, and collaborative team of landscape architects, architects, land surveyors, horticulturalists, engineers and graphic designers as needed to deliver the desired outcomes for your project.