Borders to Beaches Trail

Client: Trails Manitoba

South and North Whiteshell Great Trail, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Grand Beach Provincial Park, Manitoba

Little Bluestem was hired to move forward a trail completion initiative of Trails Manitoba and the Recreational Trail Builders (Manitoba) Inc. (RTB) supported by the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) and many local trail associations. 


With complex and diverse land ownership and land types it was critical to spearhead a large working group with many provincial partners (Sustainable Development, Manitoba Infrastructure, Mineral + Mines, Manitoba Hydro, several Indigenous and private landowners. Little Bluestem oversaw project management, council presentation, wrote reports, completed site investigations and GIS/GPS mapping to ensure The Great Trail had connectivity, from the rugged terrain of eastern Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park to the sun and sand of Lake Winnipeg’s beaches through Grand Beach Provincial Park. It is a significant undertaking powered mainly by volunteers who are committed to creating a lasting legacy of trail through the eastern section of the province of Manitoba.


We focused on finding regional and site-specific solutions for trail building challenges; utilizing several existing networks of trail in combination with new trail infrastructure.The new trail infrastructure was created by over 40 individual tendered projects from 2010 through 2016 and has connected the majority of this trail. 383 kilometers of the 385 kilometer long Border to Beaches Trail or 99.5% connected from the Ontario border to the beaches of Beaconia. The remaining 0.5% connectivity is underway, with remaining segments considered works in progress.